We are 4 female entrepreneurs whose lives came together because of pisco.

We take pride in offering the most accessible and comprehensive information about this exciting spirit. Our goal is to carve out a space for pisco as its own spirits category by educating others about its unique attributes. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us!

Meg McFarland

Meg is founder of PiscoLogía Pisco and Apu Winery. She taught Spanish before dedicating herself 100% to pisco and wine. Meg’s specialties are business management & expertise in grape-based alcoholic beverages.

Kami Kenna

Kami is founder of The Pisco Society and co-owner of PiscoLogía Pisco. She fell in love with pisco during her many years as a bartender and during her extensive time in Peru. Her specialties include cocktail creation, distilling and education.

Nati Gordillo

Nati is an expert viticulturalist and Master Distiller of PiscoLogía. She holds a sommelier degree from IDVIP in Lima. Also a co-owner of PiscoLogía, Nati specializes in the entire process from grapes to glass.

Tatiana Flores

As a renowned bartender, Tatiana has traveled the world to participate in pisco-related events. In 2018, she won the award for “Best Bartender of the Year” given by El Comercio in Lima. Her specialties are cocktails &  pairing.

Enjoy unique insight from our special guests, Ambassador Gonzalo Gutiérrez and Pepe Moquillaza.


Watch them explain the historical and cultural background and significance of pisco from Peru.


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