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Pisco Was Born in Peru

Is pisco Peruvian or Chilean? This subject is an ongoing debate between Peru and Chile. In this video, Ambassador Gonzalo Gutiérrez and Pepe Moquillaza will present historical evidence that pisco is undoubtedly Peruvian.

They will answer the questions:

1) When did the word “pisco” become popular in Chile?

2) Is there lexical evidence to support this?

3) If pisco belongs to Peru, how is Chile able to use the word
for their brandy?

4) What about the city in Chile called “Pisco-Elqui”?

5) How and when did grapes arrive in the Viceroyalty of

6) When did distillation begin in Peru?

7) What was the scale of production in Peru before Peruvian
wine was banned?

8) Why isn’t it possible to share a D.O. with another